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As you know, corporate success has many faces and many facets. Financial and sales strategy, knowledge of the market, access to customers, solution skills, quality of products and performance, innovation, staff skills and motivation, team spirit and a flexible response to constantly changing requirements.

You will also know that behind all these facets are the faces, the people who assume responsibility for the success of the company. Entrepreneurs, managers, leaders. Academia and business practice have both come to the conclusion that the complexity of the challenges and tasks faced by this group is incessantly increasing, and the uncertainty and unpredictability of planning and taking action is growing exponentially. In future management quality will become even more of a crucial competitive advantage – if leadership further develops its own self-conception and responds to new challenges with new solutions.

The DMG Development Group, with a wealth of practical experience in advising individuals and companies as well as exploring scientific insights in management and leadership issues, has assumed the task of aiding the further development of the management’s contribution to value creation in a company by means of professional consulting services, coaching, process management and training.

To this end, the DMG Development Group brings together experienced professionals who define themselves by dint of various different key practice areas in companies as managers and consultants, while also having worked on major projects in the role of external HR and organizational process advisors. Continual further development of each individual in terms of exploring new scientific findings, models and methods ensures they have the requisite up-to-date background knowledge.

We seek to encourage you to think about leadership, leadership quality, ways to increase personal leadership skills and performance in your company. To this end, we regularly provide you with notes for reflection, checklists, assessment sheets and self-assessment questions relating to the nine most important fields of influence of leadership and management activities:




  Leadership skills

  Management skills

  Management expertise

  Sales strategy

  Sales structure

 Sales skills


In keeping with Francis Bacon’s assertion that “a prudent question is one-half of wisdom”, reading our notes may kindle in you the wish to explore in more depth ideas on promoting value creation in your organization by means of the conscious development of up-to-date management skills and methods. In this case, we offer you our support in diverse, innovative ways: from a brief, intensive management advisory discussion to a personal coaching course or lecture for and with your managers to a systematic analysis and development process for your entire management. What you get from us is always tailored to your individual questions, goals and needs.

Please download the notes for reflection here:
Downloads to increase management success in your company