Our services

Approach Training, Coaching, Consulting

Your goal – our job

You have an idea and want to implement it quickly and successfully. As a decisionmaker, you have a problem and want to resolve it directly and fundamentally. You are missing the key or the manpower? We have both to offer.

Our vision

We do what we are particularly good at. We leave the rest to our highly qualified partners.

Our potential roles

Business sparring partners, consultants, developers, tutors, supporters, speakers, one-on-one coaches, team coaches, moderators, workshop instructors, awareness raisers, accelerators, intensifiers, catalysts, change agents, transformers, implementers, the devil’s advocate, challengers, agents provocateur…

DMG factor of success

  • Proven implementation success stories
  • Integrative and holistic consideration of the tasks at hand
  • Complete or specific partial solutions
  • Customised or ready-made programmes
  • Consultants with different fields of knowledge
  • Partners at universities and research institutes
  • Access to experts from leading firms
  • International
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