Daily business

With our specialisation in extraordinary challenges at companies, we design company-specific training sequences. Based on solid foundations, we impart additional competences to managers, which they need to be able to act in the optimal way even in special, demanding situations.

Host of topics regarding the optimisation of leadership competency in dynamic companies

  1. 1Strategic operative planning and analysis
  2. 2Leading and managing in an agile environment
  3. 3Communication in specific leadership situations
  4. 4Special topics such as consent, collegial advice, autonomous team leadership

Host of topics regarding the generation of specific leadership competencies for major changes

  1. 1Building up personal competencies
  2. 2Handling of fears, contradictions and contrary target definitions
  3. 3Willingness to engage in disruptive approaches
  4. 4Integration of polarities

All training modules are aligned on the specific conditions at the company. Their transfer into daily business will be initiated during the training already and assured by systematic accompanying measures. Training methods from high-performance and transfer competence research are consistently applied.

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