Leading specialists and managers to top performances

Not only managers, but also highly specialised employees, find themselves in a highly demanding work situation today. In addition to the required expertise, it is expected that they have strong leadership skills, great mental strength and furthermore routine when it comes to processes in any variety of management systems of the company. The economically and operationally most effective way to identify the directly needed aspects in the individual topics and immediately implement them in practice is presented by the various methods and approaches of the coaching. In the language use at the DMG Development Group, we deliberately refer to executive coaching and process coaching.


Executive coaching:

We act here as a personal coach of the specialists or manager. By using state-of-the-art coaching approaches, the coached person receives the skills needed to process problems, open new perspectives and develop new competences.

  • Elements from high-performance research
  • Leading high-performance systems
  • Agility of action in top management
  • Quality of perceptions and decisions under pressure
  • Tools for positive organisational development
  • Positive leadership and positive corporate culture as a way to reach extraordinary success
  • Fun in performance – the natural laws of leadership
  • Individual and organisational systemic consulting and coaching

This most individualised form of personnel development allows the participants not only to find a solution in specific situations, but they are also enabled to transfer the structuring approaches to quite different situations.

Process coaching:

Project teams, departments, interfaces and junctions. At the centre of this coaching is the optimisation, expansion or redesign of tasks and processes. Competent advising and corresponding coaching are deliberately combined so that the participants themselves become active as problem solvers and framers. In this approach, an advancement of the managers and their reports is effected at the same time, and the department/cross-division cooperation is optimised.

  • Best practice analysis
  • Short Guide Formats©
  • Transfer competency in individual analysis
  • Group analyses
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