12 excellence fields

12 excellence fields for future business success

The DMG Business Excellence System offers companies not only a selection of strategically important excellence fields, which can be decisive for the respective market appearance, but also simultaneously demonstrates how the individual fields can be activated and optimised internationally and in collaboration with other businesses. The linking of cross-functional, internationally localised and cross-business teams is just as crucial for reaching business excellence as the strategic and operative target development at the company.

Transformation process

With our transformation process, the continuity of these principles can be achieved in stages and subsequently kept at a consistently high level. Find out more

The consistent orientation on the best is the offered added value for the company. All activities of the DMG Development Group serve for optimisation and improvement. The business excellence system is about highly motivated employees, perfect cooperation, the absence of any faults, permanent quality and, therefore, also about unlimited product safety.

Analysis procedure

In various analysis procedures and theses, we give customers the chance to evaluate themselves from their own point of view. Based on these, measures will be derived and defined by means of which the company can reach its targets.

In this context, international cooperation beyond companies as it exists today already is particularly important and it will be intensified even further. For the notion of excellence to become effective throughout the entire value chain, the processes and rules must of course apply equally everywhere, whereas the intellectual and skills-based differences of the actors now attain particular importance.

  • Anticipation
  • Resilience
  • Persistence
High performance
  • Characteristics
  • Attitude
  • Implementation
International leadership
  • Direct and indirect leadership
  • Responsibilities categories
  • Risk assessment
Purchasing and sales
  • Requirement analysis
  • Negotiation
  • Agreement
  • Efficiency
  • Smoothness
  • Process innovation
  • Traditional
  • Agile
  • Hybrid
  • Implementation strength
  • Factors of success
  • Orientation framework
  • Market understanding
  • Ability to make decisions
  • Prioritisation
Business Business excellence
  • Excellence areas
  • Mentalities
  • Integrated approaches
  • Benchmark
  • Mutual trust
  • Interface optimisation
  • Quality awareness
  • Quality structure
  • Quality responsibility
  • General master strategy
  • Digital culture and performance
  • The Internet of Things

Business Excellence System